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Reffcon, is an international provider of products and services with defined focus on 'Energy Sustainability'. From power generation to fuel efficiency, we deliver solutions that promise to make a marked difference in fuel landscape, both in terms of supply and emissions associated with fuel intensive activities. We are headquartered in Austria, with already active presence in major European countries and South East Asia.

Our fuel saving solution for vehicles and machines is a smart way to reduce emissions (pollution) and diesel/petrol/CNG savings for the government. Our services and products match the European standards yet ensure that it is financially feasible and attractive.

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"Vision to support the whole value chain in turning fuel efficiency measures into increased value and profit."

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About Us

Serves clients including fortune 500 companies and government organizations in the field of Power Generation (Renewable as well as conventional), Power Grids, Smart Grid, Cooling & Freezing, and Automotive (especially EV (electric vehicles) techniques.

Major subsidiaries include Plusminus Global, Reffcon Finance, Reffcon Ventures.

Founded in 1992 with its headquarter in Austria.

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